Acting Extras for Movies Reviews

Hi everyone! My name’s Gretchen and I’m a 14-year-old actress. I recently landed my first film role!!!! i will be playing the part of 11-year-old Greta in the upcoming short film The Santa Monica Stickup!

Give a big booking WOW to the Humphrey triplets, they received an inquiry for a television commercial shoot.The project pays almost $5000.00 plus travel expenses!!!
It will being airing on January 15th, Tuesday on NBC at 10:00pm. (right after the biggest loser).

The Law N’ Order, SVU show to be aired is called “Unorthodox”. Nick hopefully will have his picture in a YEARBOOK or a MUG SHOT to be picked out from and also WALKING in the background. They are going through the metal detectors coming into school. When you see a black lady that’s a security guard checking the kids for weapons, he will be in the background walking pass school lockers. There’s really a scruffy kid with frizzy hair, blonde  (sorry Chad) that’s says something like “freedom  of speech”, that’s the part of background for Nick.
Watch closely. There’s a boy who is shot in the butt. Nick has on a dark blue sweat jacket and a light blue & gray book bag that is on his back.. It will most likely be quick, so I’m giving you all heads up on what to look for. I hope you all get to see it. Nick is proud, and so are we. Have a great day and will talk to you all soon…
Lori and gang!!! Don’t forget to write down on your calendar for Jan. 15th at 10pm on NBC!!!

Hi Chris,
I wanted to thank you for your wonderful website.
The boys have again received another job from your website “Mental Scars”
with more in the works!I guess you could say “We have connections”  with extrasformoives!
Thank you again,


Got a notification today that newer member Miles was requested as a result of his web page on EFM to audition for a photography one or two day shoot in mid May for an ESPN project.That is super, let us know how the project turns out. Be sure to ask to see if you can get some of the pictures for your portfolio.


Hi Chris,
I wanted to thank you for giving me the referral. I got booked the job. Feel free to keep me up.
The show is called Designing Spaces and my segment will air on March 21 on TLC and 22 WE. Or something like that.
Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!
XoXo, JJ