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Affordable Headshots for Actors, Models or Extras


One of the most valuable marketing materials when working in the entertainment field and seeking jobs as actors,
models, extras
or as a entertainer will require photos and resume.

If you are serious in getting into acting, modeling or extra work, get your most important advertising materials together.
Show them you are a serious contender for the job.

What are you waiting for? Casting personnel require photos, they see hundreds if not thousands of people for various roles. 
A photo that you can leave is an integral tool which allows casting to remember. Click here for easy templates.

Be prepared and professional when applying for jobs and projects. 

No minimum orders • No setup fees • Ships tomorrow*! Upload online your best photos, design and enter your contact information.



 Zed Cards for as low as .45 each!.

Zed Cards

Business Cards Actors, Models

Animal Actors Comp Card

Leave Your Photo Card at Auditions

Be professional get the part, take 
something to leave casting personnel. 

Fast Delivery and Affordable Headshots and Zed Cards for Extras, Animal Actors to Entertainers


Get 100 customized headshot 
business cards for as low as $22.00!

Create your custom headshot cards. Upload photos, select paper size, fonts colors and have them delivered right to your door. It’s that easy and that affordable.


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