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Posted 4/28/2012 5:20:51 PMPost #8433

Supreme BeingSupreme BeingSupreme BeingSupreme BeingSupreme BeingSupreme BeingSupreme BeingSupreme Being

Description: Casting for short film to be shot in Columbus soon.


The film is going to be shown at local festival coming up in a few weeks.


The short is about a couple who decide to sell their home after the loss of their child. They soon visit a friends house for a social gathering/mixer. Before the night is over, things take a turn, altering their lives forever.


This will begin shooting on May 4 - May 5. (Depending on the actors, dates can be flexible for days after)



 Lead Man - 30's. (Any body type/race. Would play opposite to the woman as they are playing a couple.)


Lead Woman - 30's. (Any body type/race. Would play opposite to the man as they are playing a couple.)


Extras - anyone wanting to be background characters. Possibly have a few lines. (Any body type/race/age)


Looking for solid actors as these are serious, dramatic roles. Although no pay is involved, lunch or dinner is provided depending on the time of shoot.
Talent Type: Any actors and actresses from Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding area should apply.


Email Address: robinson.1272@osu.edu
Expires: May 2012
Comments: Please submit headshot by Wednesday May 2, 2012

First Name:
Last Name: Robinson
City: Columbus
State: Ohio
Email Address: robinson.1272@osu.edu

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